About Moksha

The company is a family concern, with total commitment, driven by the experience of over 50 years and the 2nd generation of Directors having Plastics & Engineering background.

Moksha has the most modern Injection Moulding plant - spread over 30000 Ft. Area, Within 20 Km from Ahmedabad is having its own in-house tool-room and latest mould manufacturing facilities. The recent expansion of its manufacturing facilities is just completed.

Moksha is committed to new developments and have expert designers with complex capability assisted by Solid Modeling - Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.
Moksha has roots in the customer - the end user and the machinery constructors' feedback and technical suggestions, and continue to work jointly through the production start-up for field proven solutions.

Totally Computerized Manufacturing Process with Inbuilt Feedback Controls. Latest breed of Injection moulding machines which use Variable technology - High powered to meet the strongest demands when required by the bobbin moulded. Auto correction to reach the target set-parameters, and gives an Alarm - with production stoppage in case of unachieved parameters
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