Quality Policy

At MOKSHA our policy resolves around a Single Mission: "Manufacture of Faultless products - continuously, for Total Customer's satisfaction, with true timely responsiveness to each customers' diverse needs- with dedication of the motivated human resources. Injecting of Hi-tech Quality and Modern Technological Equipment with a view of Energy Conservation and Concern for the Environment."

Under this maxim, Made by Moksha - means our obligation to constant and high product Quality - Thorough vigilant calibrated perfectionism in the acceptance testing & monitoring, which guarantees a high quality standard.

Contemporary plastic technology allows Moksha to keep on coming up with - Uncompromising selection of the Raw Material input, that are categorized by superlative specification and perform within very close tolerances which translate to textile based requirements and additionally - harmonization and adaptation of know-how of High-Tech Modern developments of Thermoplastics Engineering supported by the latest State of The Art Injection Moulding Machine Technology with the latest Computerized Feedback - control systems.

The demands made on the Modern Yarn carriers require, besides High Quality materials for the Carriers production, a specialized tooling technology making possible to produce tube with radial Run-outs well within the allowance by ISO Standards.

Moksha has expert designers with complex capability assisted by Solid Modeling - Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. The extra savvy applied to design and building up moulds show up a high consistent quality.

Moksha has roots in the customer - the end user and the machinery constructors' feedback and technical suggestions, and continue to work jointly through the production start-up for field proven solution to assure of performance satisfaction giving flexibility, greatest efficiency based on actual end-user production-floor encounters.

Moksha has provided various technical improvements on the product for highest yarn quality and gives all out developmental support for quality conscious yarn manufacturer & processor.
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