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  • Largest manufacturer of Hi-tech Specialized Yarn Carriers.

  • Innovative Product Design Engine inducing efficiency enhancing ideas based on decades of experience & valuable customer feedback, continuous learning & re-invent skills by our technical team.

  • Uncompromised & Unparalleled Raw Material selection for purpose-compatible complex polymer alloys with Superlative capabilities by Expert Polymer Chemists.

  • Precise design of surface geometry using 3D/CAD/CAM software later executed on latest world class CNC machines at our In-house mould manufacturing unit.

  • State-of-the-Art High Precision manufacturing facility for highest quality production.

  • Sophisticated Automation and Ancillary equipment for consistency & reducing manual intervention/error.

  • Most Stringent Quality Check norms including Post-production Destructive & Non-Destructive tests with traceable record keeping.

  • Motivated and Enthusiastic team having long standing “hands-on” experience in the plastic processing technology manage the shop floor.

  • Excellent Concentricity Control & Inspection equipment for minimal vibration & reduced yarn breakages.

  • Clock-work Auto-doff Performance for achieving Maximum Spinning & Winding Efficiency.

  • ISO Standards for Yarn Carriers sizes conformed. Wide variety of Surface Finishes for all your yarn blend performance.

  • Moksha Palette of the Widest Spectrum of colours for identity & segregation.

  • Exporting over 30% production.

  • Fast Manufacturing, Reliability.

  • Guaranteed timely logistics management.


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Power cost is a crucial factor for cotton spinner's profitability. Moksha designed slimline tubes for Sudiva: Energy saving & Productivity with increased yarn content.

Each Spinning tube to have 60 grams yarn content. (from the existing 48 grams) on the Quattro/Sieger Auto Doffer Retrofit on Manual LMW machines.

Power saving – 1.6% on higher cop content. Optimizing the cop content results in saving of 3% winding drum requirement. Reduction of yarn joining by 4 to 5% due to increase of cop content. Automatic Winders and Ring Frames efficiency goes up with increase in cop weight.

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